Monday, September 22, 2008 presents: Portable Power. Vending-machine cuisine doesn't have to be your only option. article:

Text by Elise Pierce. Recipes by Robin Vitetta

Ever find yourself running late in the morning and skipping breakfast to get to the airport on time? Or bypassing lunch to finish a report? We've become such a nation of on-the-go nibblers that one of the major requirements of food is that it be portable. And long distances aren't required: The path from canteen vending machine to desk is the most well-traveled of all. We all know those are poor choices -- gooey doughnuts, sticky candy bars, fake cheese crackers. You fill the pit of your stomach, but the pendulum of hunger swings on from one missed meal to the next. Still, what are the options? Here's one: With a little planning, you can pull a delicious, healthy snack out of your briefcase or bag that will bridge the space between rush hour and midnight oil and make you forget all those other joyless journeys to the land of junk. [More...]

Click here for Dr Weil's Advice about 4 Health Snack ideas.

Click Here for Dr. Weil's advice about 4 Unhealthy Snack Ideas. (Btw, I don't like his term "bad" snacks. I don't catagorize foods as good/ bad only less/ more beneficial. Click here for more on this concept.)

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